Koi Fish with Soap Dish

Whimsical little soaps shaped like Koi fish with a sweet little Japanese silk screen inspired ceramic soap dish.

Bath Bombs
Have a fun bath with bath bombs that have your favorite essential oil scent
Test Tube Fizzy Bath Salts
We have layered our salts with a fun "fizzy" mixture to create a pretty, fun, and healthful bath experience. No polysorbate is included in our bath products.  A lovely mixture of salts and other refreshing ingredients. These fizzy bath salts include Dead
Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer Gel
This hand sanitizer gel has added aloe vera to create a softer, less harsh alcohol based sanitizer for your hands.
Fizzy Bath Salts in Jar
Bath salts that are pleasing fo smell and good for your skin. We have layered our salts with a fun "fizzy" mixture to create a pretty, fun, and healthful bath experience. No polysorbate is included in our bath products.  A lovely mixture of salts and oth
Alcohol based Hand Sanitizer Gel Refill
This hand sanitizer gel has added aloe vera to create a softer, less harsh alcohol based sanitizer for your hands.
Toilet Fizzies/ Unstink Bombs
Prove that yours really doesn't stink. Just plop the fizzy in the toilet and let it refresh the air and hep clean the toilet bowl at the same time.
Lotion Travel Tubes
Lotion in an attractive squeeze bottle. This lotion is unlike any other you have ever tried.  It soaks right in and doesn't sit on top of your skin causing grease spots on your paperwork.  The organic lotion scents are from essential oils. No preservativ
Dead Sea Salt Scrub
Made from salt from the Dead Sea in the Middle East. Salts are extracted from the Dead Sea which has been considered a healthy place for centuries. In addition to sodium salt other minerals are also present. It exfoliates and clears pores; it dis
Fix It! Foot Soak 10 oz
Foot soak with herbal remedies and essential oils added
Unique gift
Maybe a quiet evening at home. How about a cute cat mug, with hot chocolate mix ready to go, fuzzy soxks and a scented Brunmillers candle
Botanical Life
Brunmillers Botanical Household Cleaner contains a surfactant derived from coconut oil and a disinfectant made from citrus terpenes which provides a nice smelling cleaner. Peppermint, Tea Tree, Thyme and Eucalptus essential oils are added to provide some
Green Kitchen Essentials
Includes Brunmillers Household Cleaner which has surfactant derived from Coconut oil and a disinfectant made from citrus terpenes plus essential oils. It smells good. Brunmiilers Dishwashing Liquid contains two surfactants derived rom coconut oil and b
Tea Mug with Diffuser, Tea, Bath Salts
For those nights that you just want to relax. How about a cup of tea and a bath with Fizzy Bath Salts
Skin Solutions, Reset 5--The Sensitive One
Brunmillers' Creamy Soap Bar: This jewel of a soap is infused with soothing essential oils, nature derived colors and all of the best butters and oils to create a creamy lathering bar that despite its nature still washes off for a squeaky clean bath exper
Skin Solutions, Reset 4- Dead Sea Detox & Rebuild
Dead Sea Mud Masque: Give your skin a reboot. The Dead Sea Mud Masque is infused with the wonders of the Dead Sea minerals that abound on the beach of this famous body of water.
Dead Sea & Pink Himalayan Bath Salts: Relax with mild calming essential oils
Skin Solutions, Reset 3--Just Your Average Spa Day
Pink Himalayan Salt Massager Bar with Natural Sea Sponge Embed: Imagine the Brunmillers glycerin soap infused with all of the butters, clay, and a dash of the mineral rich Pink Himalayan Salt and the soft exfoliating luxury of a natural sea sponge...
Skin Solutions, Reset 2--The Refresh
Oatmeal Cookie Soap Bar: That wonderful smell is like someone loves me and baked me cookies, too! The oatmeal, kaolin clay, and simple butters make this soap easy on the skin, yet moisturizing at the same. It's truly a win-win for you and your body.
Skin Solutions, Reset 1--The Mild Reset
African Black Soap with Better Butters: First we craft a blend of glycerin soap that includes shea, plantain, cocoa, and other nourishing butters and infuse it with a Ghanaian Black Soap powder, which is the concentrated basis for the famed African Black
Travel Bamboo Special
Gift includes “Soap on the Go” kit with Brunmillers FixIt! Oil, Bamboo adhesive pads, expandable & compact washcloths, soap on dissolving paper. Bamboo toothbrush and holder are biodegradable. Bamboo wash cloth is very soft and stays that way. Lets go
Whimsical Soaps
For the young or the young at heart. Bath time isn't a chore any more with these molded soaps made especially for small children and young adults. They are unscented and only human and eco-friendly colorants are used.
No Barking Dogs Foot Spa
If your feet hurt, your whole body hurts. Why not treat your feet with respect. Take a bath with our Fizzy Bath Salts which has essential oils, Dead Sea & Pink Himalayan salts. Then apply our Dead Sea scrub and rest your feet in our Fix It! Foot Soak
Romantic Evenings
Tired but not too tired. Light your essential oil scented candle by your bed and start your Essential Oil Room Diffuser. Next rest your feet with a Foot Soak, then an essential oil scented shower., Dry with your soft Bamboo towel. Apply essential o
We Love Bubbles
After your shower with our essential oil scented shower gel, take a bath with our Brunmillers Bubble Bath or Fizzy Bath Salts which are infused with several choices of Essential Oils. All of our organic products are made without preservatives.
Lavender Dream Time
Indulge yourself with Lavender Essential Oil infused Bubble Bath and Fizzy Bath Salts. Take your showers with our Shower Gel containing Lavender Essential Oil . Take your Lavender body cream in a flexible tube with you . All of these products are pr
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